9 reasons to install Smart aluminium windows and doors from TWR

Bi-fold door ventilation

At TWR, we’re proud to offer our partnered installers the very best aluminium products around thanks to our ability to fabricate and supply profile from Smart Systems, the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium systems. Suitable for a wide range of applications to let you better meet project demands, we’ve put together a list of 9 reasons why you should install Smart aluminium windows and doors from TWR.

Smart aluminium windows and doors are a great way of diversifying your product suite and meet the large homeowner demand for the UK’s fastest growing home improvement material.

1. Full range of improvement products

While bifold doors fabricated using Smart aluminium unabashedly lead the charge of our product range in the form of the smooth-sliding Visofold 1000 system, an entire suite of window and door styles can easily be created within our in-house factory.

2. Suitable for residential and commercial

It doesn’t matter whether your team or company specialises in residential projects, commercial builds, or both, Smart aluminium windows and doors introduce their qualities to all, being inherently strong, with a long lifespan, and great design flexibility. All qualities of value to architects as well as conventional homeowners.

3. Extensive range of powder coated colours

Smart aluminium windows and doors can be supplied in virtually any desired colour thanks to our bespoke in-house powder coating facility, which expertly heats the chosen colour to the frames for a clean and attractive finish every time. Even if dual coloured, doing this in-house means we can always guarantee a finish that will meet you and your client’s high standards.

4. Can be supplied glazed or unglazed

Depending on your practices or requirements we can supply each aluminium unit with or without your choice of double/triple glazing. Dependant on project requirements, we take extra time and care when fabricating in-house to leave no room for error.

aluminium door assembly

5. 3 day lead times

At TWR, we have become known for our ability to deliver all our products within a short turnaround time of just 3 days, and this includes our selection of Smart aluminium windows and doors. Giving you the ability to accept jobs and projects much closer to the line and still be able to follow through.

6. Fabricated in both rounded edge and squared profiles

Allowing you to supply aluminium windows and doors exactly to your client’s liking we supply all Smart products we fabricate in a choice of both squared and rounded edge profile designs. All are still able to make use of clean lines and sleek sightlines, assuring that large natural light entry is always a possibility.

7. Products fully compliant with Building Regulations Document L 2010

Ensuring that all our trade partners have the easiest experience possible when choosing to install aluminium windows and doors from Smart, each unit is compliant with the requirements of document L 2010. This means they easily meet the insulation and efficiency requirements, the bare minimum for people to live comfortably.

8. U Values as low as 1.8 W/m2K

Not only do Smart aluminium windows and doors fabricated by our in-house team meet the bare minimum of insulation requires, but actually offer some of the lowest U values possible at 1.8 W/m2K. Aluminium is renowned for its high thermal insulation performance, and Smart systems take this one step further.

9. You get to work with an experienced team

With two dedicated factories full of knowledgeable staff members to meet high demand and over 13 years experience serving UK installers up and down the country, we pride ourselves on being the ideal trade supplier of choice, especially when Smart aluminium windows and doors are needed. For more information, feel free to call our team on 0191 565 2200 or contact us online.

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