Express bi-fold door delivery

TWR bifolds delivery map

If you want to meet the needs of customers or clients and this involves strict timelines, you need a reliable trade supply of the latest products – and one that meets promises of efficiency.

Fortunately, our fantastic services have now gone one step further and we are now offering the TWR Bifolds Premium fast-track service – one that guarantees efficiency without compromising on quality.

Premium fast-track service

‘Premium’ is otherwise defined as ‘an extra’ – and our Premium bi-fold door delivery service does just that. It goes the extra mile in terms of convenience and efficiency.

3 day lead time

After a survey and deposit have been completed, we can deliver bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors to you within 3 days. That is just 72 hours for bi-folds with a single overall colour.

120 hour turnaround for dual colour

If you want to offer your customers bespoke dual coloured bi-folds that can be installed quickly, fortunately our fast-track bi-fold door delivery service exceeds all expectations – our dual coloured bi-folds have an impressive lead time of just 120 hours, making them the fastest in the industry.

Market leading supplier of bi-folds

It is our in-house facilities that allow us to boast such a fantastic bi-fold door delivery service – we fabricate, powder coat and finish all of our bi-fold doors in our Sunderland factory. This removes the need for third parties and significantly reduces lead times and the risk of inconsistency.

Our dedicated team of tradesmen work around the clock to meet your requirements, including working night shifts when needed. Whether working with the door profile or powder coated colouring, all of our employees are highly experienced and skilful.

This, in combination with our full, in-house fabrication service, ensures that fantastic quality aluminium bi-folds can be passed on to you and the end user, at a fraction of the price of other trade suppliers.

Why choose aluminium bi-folds from TWR?

  • Fastest lead time for coloured bi-folds in the industry
  • 3-day turnaround for single coloured bi-folds; 5 days for dual
  • Whole fabrication process is completed in-house, guaranteeing quality control
  • Trustworthy and highly experienced team of staff
  • Bi-fold door delivery direct to your site or place of work
  • A reliable trade supply that will entice new customers and help you to complete projects to
  • the highest standards, with the latest products

For a product that combines style and function, and one that can be delivered in keeping with strict construction time frames, enquire with TWR today – it will soon become clear why we are the trade supplier of choice for bi-folds and other aluminium products for commercial and domestic usage.