Guidance for installers of Smart aluminium products


Most installers and tradesmen will be familiar with how fast-moving the home improvement industry can be, with many new products and systems being introduced to the market year upon year, in the hope of providing the best comfort possible for the UK homeowner. This is an element we at TWR are also familiar with, wanting to give our partnered installers as much information as possible.

It’s with this in mind that we’d like to highlight the benefits of Smart’s on-site Guide to Installation, Maintenance and Care, covering everything an installer will need to know about installing their high quality aluminium systems.

Helpful guidance from initial site surveys to final inspection

Covering all aspects required from the time a homeowner places that first order to the final inspection, if you know deep down that you could probably benefit from a refresh with regards to assessing an aperture for suitability, calculating manufacture sizes, or something far later in the process, Smart’s installation guide has got you covered.

With detailed yet understandable descriptions, tables, and plan-view diagrams sprinkled in throughout, the guide makes a point of avoiding overtechnical jargon to instead focus on terms and practices qualified installers can easily interpret. The Guide to Installation, Maintenance and Care covers the following areas:

Floor plan

  • Site surveying: Aperture stability, measuring, manufacturing sizes, performance, structural loading, installation techniques
  • Removal of Existing products
  • Installation: fixing, glazing, sealing & commissioning
  • Cleaning, general maintenance and repair

Discover methods of establishing customer requirements

It’s not just technical information that is explored in the guide however, but also handy tips and advice on how to best discover the needs of the customer, and how a product from Smarts can help fulfil that need. Does the customer wish their new product to open inwards or outwards? Will their home even be able to facilitate this desire? This is something surveying can cover early.

Valuable information for both Smarts newbies and veteran installers

Whether you’re an industry veteran looking for a refresher of some of the best practices to undergo when installing aluminium into the home or a relatively new tradesman hoping to gain a grip on how to deliver a first-class service every time, Smart’s Guide to Installation, Maintenance and Care is a worthy read for all.

Join TWR’s mission to deliver the highest quality aluminium products

When partnering with installers, passion for passing on quality is one of the main contributing factors we look for, as well as reliability. In order to guarantee your company or business as one of the very best in the UK it’s vital to know your stuff, and thankfully Smart’s on-site Guide to Installation, Maintenance and Care can help with this with regards to aluminium.

For more information about TWR’s products or services, feel free to call a member of our team today on 0191 565 2200 or send as an online message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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