Hybrid bi-fold doors

Synseal Bi-foldsAluminium bi-fold doors have been popular for a while now. There have been many attempts to create new designs, that offer more benefits. However, it is hard to improve a product that is already high-performance.

Arguably, it is hybrid bi-fold doors that may offer something completely unique and change the shape of the industry.

What exactly are hybrid bi-fold doors?

Literally meaning “two or more materials”, hybrid bi-folds combine the benefits of those bi-folds made from single materials.

Why offer hybrid bi-fold doors to your customers?

Aluminium bi-fold doors offer a host of benefits for the end user. Hybrid bi-folds only serve to enhance these – with even more focus on energy efficiency, durability and cost-effectiveness.

With living costs constantly rising, your customers will be looking for products that offer maximised thermal performance – hybrid bi-folds can offer just that.

Hybrid bi-fold doors also tend to be better for the environment. By featuring timber or PVC-u, recycling becomes far easier. These materials have a long lifespan which also makes for far less waste entering the environment. These factors are unique selling points that can be passed on to even the most discerning of customers.

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