RAL colours

A white bi-fold door with ral colour chart

We manufacture, powder coat and supply aluminium bi-fold doors in all RAL colours. You can specify a bi-fold in any colour, including non-standard colours unique to TWR Bifolds.

Colour has become one of the top features that consumers look for in a bi-fold door, and installers who offer a full RAL colour range will see their sales increase.

At TWR, we offer colours to suit all requirements. Offer your customers bi-folds that match existing windows and doors exactly, or even dual colour bi-folds to match the inside and outside of their properties.

Smarts coloured bifolds

We also offer Smart Systems aluminium bifolds in all the popular colours of their Naturals range:

Matt White KL010 - Smarts aluminium colour

Matt White (KL010)

Gloss White WP - Smarts aluminium colour

Gloss White (WP)

Gloss Off-White KL011 - Smarts aluminium colour

Gloss Off-White (KL011)

Cream KL001 - Smarts aluminium colour

Cream (KL001)

Dark Red KL002 - Smarts aluminium colour

Dark Red (KL002)

Matt Brown KL006 - Smarts aluminium colour

Matt Brown (KL006)

Gloss Dark Brown KL007 - Smarts aluminium colour

Gloss Dark Brown (KL007)

Grey KL012 - Smarts aluminium colour

Grey (KL012)

Dark Grey KL013 - Smarts aluminium colour

Dark Grey (KL013)

Airforce Grey KL005 - Smarts aluminium colour

Airforce Grey (KL005)

Black BL - Smarts aluminium colour

Black (BL)

Dark Blue KL003 - Smarts aluminium colour

Dark Blue (KL003)

Dark Green KL004 - Smarts aluminium colour

Dark Green (KL004)

Bi-fold door colour specialists

We have invested in our own in-house powder coating facility where we can offer you coloured profile and bi-fold doors to your exact specifications. What’s more, with the entire colouring process completed quickly in house, we can deliver coloured bi-folds to you in record time, allowing you to complete projects quicker.

Read more about our powder coating facility or call 0191 565 2200 to talk to a member of the TWR Bifolds team today.