How to sell aluminium bifold doors in 2017

Aluminium bifold doors that practically sell themselves!

Aluminium bi-fold door supplied by TWR Bifolds i: for trade in Newcastle

2017 is very much set to be another record year for aluminium bifold doors with industry experts and insiders predicting that they’ll soar even further in popularity amongst homeowners up and down the country. The good news for installers looking to make the most of this rise is that aluminium bifold doors practically sell themselves thanks to their smooth-sliding action and ability to make the best use of space, however if you want to add the icing to the cake in your sales pitches, we at TWR have got you covered.

Boasting various features and benefits of value to both residential and commercial projects, aluminium bifold doors are fast becoming a vital string to every installer’s bow, and now with these tips you’ll be able to increase the likelihood of cinching that sale.

Jump onto architectural aluminium and outdoor living trends

Aluminium consistently remains an ideal material for use in most architectural and commercial builds largely thanks to the large strength to weight profile. Simply put, aluminium bifold doors offer clients the ability to enjoy sleek and slim profile sightlines while staying inherently strong enough to withstand much larger panes of glazing when compared to uPVC or timber. If you’re an installer hoping to break into these very lucrative market sectors, aluminium is a must.

Likewise, outdoor living trends continue to play an important role in the improvement industry, with everyday homeowners committed to bringing their home closer to the outside. It’s worthwhile mentioning this when offering or informing your customers about the benefits of aluminium bifold doors, and just aluminium in general. For the same reasons they are a worthwhile product for architects and builders, there’s no reason why everyday residents can’t enjoy these too.

Make the most of your previous work and on-site showroom

Bi-fold door ventilation

It’s no secret that a staggering percentage of today’s customers who enquire with you about their ambitions have already researched your products or services online beforehand. Simply letting homeowners see the finished result before making a purchase still acts as a simple yet effective method of finalising a sale, and this is best achieved either through a visit to a previous customer’s home or a showroom appointment.

If a customer is already willing to motivate themselves to make an appointment to do either of these things, it already signifies that they’re serious about improving their home. All that’s left for you to an installer to do is to impartially explain the benefits aluminium can offer such as high thermal insulation, wide open views, and perhaps most importantly a long lifespan without the need for vast levels of maintenance.

TWR: Letting you offer lead times almost as impressive as the doors themselves

When combing the various benefits aluminium bifold doors naturally provide with our efficient and bespoke fabrication and delivery services, you can be sure that you’ll be able to meet and even exceed project requirements on time and on budget every time. For more information on how we at TWR can help, feel free to call us on 0191 565 2200 or contact us online.

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