The Ultimate Guide to Bi-fold Doors: 2015

Bifold Doors Infographic

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The perfect bi-fold door

We all know that aluminium products are massively increasing in popularity in both the commercial and residential markets. With an upswing in the uptake of aluminium windows and doors, now more than ever it’s important to understand what aluminium products the end user is looking for.

Did you know that 3-leaf bi-folds are the most popular? Black is the most popular hardware colour? 80% want better than standard double glazing?

Our trade customers can specify and order bi-fold doors online, using a simple configurator. We’ve collated the data and crunched the numbers to find out what are the most requested bi-fold door configurations for 2015.

Ultimate Bi-fold Door: Everything you need to know about what makes the perfect aluminium bi-fold door

Bi-fold door configurations

Bi-fold sashes

  • 4% of trade customers requested 2 leaf bi-fold doors
  • 38% of trade customers requested 3 leaf bi-fold doors
  • 28% of trade customers requested 4 leaf bi-fold doors
  • 20% of trade customers requested 5 leaf bi-fold doors
  • 10% of trade customers requested 6 leaf bi-fold doors

Opening options

  • 25% requested a traffic door
  • 10% requested a split opening
  • 65% requested a full slide open to one side

Left or right?

  • 77% preferred a leftward sliding door
  • 19% wanted a door set that slides to the right
  • 4% couldn’t make up their mind

Average dimensions

  • The average width and height of a bi-fold door is: 3450mm x 2144mm

Conserving space

  • Only 4% want open-in bi-folds, most want to conserve space inside, with 96% wanting open-out bi-folds

Bi-fold door colour options

Single vs. dual colour

  • 24% wanted dual colour bi-folds
  • 76% wanted matching bi-folds inside and out

Of the single colour requests…

  • White inside and out is the most popular colour combo, with 53% of all bi-fold requests
  • Anthracite grey had 42% of bi-fold requests
  • Traffic black had 5% of bi-fold requests

The most popular dual colour is…

  • Anthracite grey outside and white inside is the most popular dual coloured bi-fold, with 57% of dual colour requests

Bi-fold door finishes

  • Matte bi-folds are the most popular finish, with 79% of bi-fold requests
  • Semi-gloss had 15% of bi-fold requests
  • Gloss had 6% of bi-fold requests

Hardware options

Most popular bi-fold hardware

  • 43% matched their hardware to the external colour of their bi-folds: Black (65%), Chrome (23%), White (12%)

Customisable options

Bi-fold cill sizes

  • 48% chose a 150mm cill
  • 4% chose a 190mm cill
  • 5% chose a 85mm cill
  • 43% chose no cill

Bi-fold threshold sizes

  • 80% want a low threshold
  • 16% want a rebated threshold
  • 4% haven’t made up their mind

Bi-fold door glazing

  • 66% of our customers want bi-folds fully glazed and ready to go

Types of glazing

21% of installers want 28mm standard double glazing, while the others treat their customers to a better quality of glass:

  • 55% requested A rated double glazing
  • 12% requested 4mm neutral low-e glass
  • 5% requested a 20mm silver spacer
  • 5% requested a Swiss V spacer
  • 2% requested 4mm low iron tough glass

Bi-fold profile

  • 9 out of 10 installers opted for Ovolo rather than Square profile

Trickle vents

  • 84% of bi-folds priced requested trickle vents
  • 73% requested black trickle vents
  • 27% requested white trickle vents